Virginia Way2Go Card FAQs

Way2Go Card VA FAQ Help

If you’re looking for help with the Virginia Way2Go Card, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post we’re going to answer the most frequently asked questions related to the Way2Go Card VA for unemployment, child support and assistance benefits.

For help with your VA Way2Go Card, continue reading below.

Virginia Way2Go FAQs

Virginia Way2Go Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For help with your Virginia Way2Go Debit Mastercard, please read the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What is the Virginia Way2Go Card?

The Virginia Way2Go Card® Prepaid Debit Mastercard® is an FDIC-Insured Bank Debit Card issued by Comerica Bank. The Way2Go Card is the safe and convenient electronic payment system for receiving unemployment, cash assistance, child support, payroll, and child care payments in VA. 

Why did I receive a Virginia Way2Go Card?

The Virginia Way2Go Card® is automatically mailed out to individuals approved for assistance benefit recipients in Virginia. The Way2Go Card VA is a Prepaid Debit Card used for unemployment payments, child support, tax refunds, and child care assistance.

Instead of mailing you a check or receiving direct deposit to your bank account, your funds are automatically credited to your Virginia Way2Go Mastercard account each month.

How do I activate Way2Go VA?

To activate your Way2Go Card® VA, call the toll-free customer service phone number at 1-800-961-8423 to set up your 4-digit PIN and start using your card today. 

You must provide the following information to activate your VA Way2Go Card:

  • Virginia Way2Go Debit MasterCard® Number
  • Last 4-digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

How long does it take to get Way2Go Card Virginia?

The Way2Go Card® Virginia is mailed after your first payment is processed or a replacement is ordered. It may take up to 7 to 10 business days to receive your Way2Go Card in the mail. All Way2Go Cards are sent via USPS First Class Mail.

How do I track my Virginia Way2Go Card Unemployment?

Unfortunately, you are not able to track your Way2Go Card in the mail. All Way2Go Debit Cards are mailed directly from the card provider via USPS First Class Mail.

If you have not received your Way2Go Debit Card in the mail after 10-business days, please contact Way2Go Card Customer Service at 1-800-961-8423.

Where is my Virginia Way2Go Card?

If you have not received your Way2Go Card VA and it’s been 10-business days after your first assistance payment, please contact customer service. Call the toll-free Way2Go Card customer service phone number at 1-800-961-8423.

What time does Way2Go Card deposit?

Payments are deposited into your Way2Go Card account at 6am on your scheduled deposit day. Your funds are automatically credited to your Way2Go Card account. Funds are available for same-day-use.

What is Virginia Way2go Card Unemployment phone number?

You can speak with a live person about your VA Unemployment benefits by calling the VA Way2Go Card Unemployment toll-free phone number at 1-800-961-8423.

For questions about your Virginia Unemployment benefits or application, please contact the Virginia Employment Commission by calling their customer service phone number at 1-866-832-2363. 

How do I check the balance on Way2Go Card VA?

There are three ways to check the balance on your Way2Go Card VA – by phone, online, and in-person. You can check your Virginia Way2Go Card balance in person at any MasterCard ATM location, by calling customer service phone number at 1-800-961-8423, or by logging into your VA Way2Go Card online account at

For help checking your Way2Go VA Card balance, read our step-by-step VA Way2Go Card balance instructions.

Does the Way2Go Card have a routing number?

The Way2Go Card does not have a routing number that you can access. However, money can be transferred directly from your Way2Go Card account to a personal bank account.

What ATMs can I use my Way2Go Card at?

The Virginia Way2Go Card® can be used at any Debit Mastercard® ATM worldwide to make a withdrawal, deposit, check your balance, and view your transaction history.

What ATMs are free for Way2Go Cardholders?

To avoid ATM fees, Virginia Way2Go Card holders can use “in-network” MoneyPass ATM locations for free-of-charge. To find a MoneyPass ATM location near you, click here.

What is the Way2Go Card withdrawal limit?

The Way2Go Card has a maximum ATM cash withdrawal limit of $500.00 per calendar day. You are not authorized to withdraw more than $500 on any given day from your Way2Go Card VA account.

What is the Way2Go Card daily spending limit?

There is no daily spending limit on the Way2Go Card. You can spend up to the total balance that remains in your Way2Go Card account. However, the daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is $500 per day.

Can you transfer money from Way2Go Card to a bank account?

Yes, Way2Go Cardholders can transfer money from their Way2Go Card to a personal bank account. Contact Virginia Way2Go Card Customer Service at 1-800-961-8423 to complete a bank transfer.

How do I login my Way2Go Card VA account?

To login your Virginia Way2Go Card online account and access your assistance benefits, visit the Go Program website at After, enter your Way2Go Card User ID and Password to login and access to your payments.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete your Virginia Way2Go Card login, read out complete Way2Go Login VA Instructions here.

Virginia Way2Go Card Questions

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