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This site is NOT in anyway affiliated with the EPPICARD program or any state unemployment or child support department. If you are looking for the official Eppicard website, you can find it by clicking here.

This site is simply to help Eppicard holders and potential applicants for unemployment benefits or child support payments find information they are looking for. Our goal is to help ease user frustration by assisting those interested in applying for Unemployment benefits and child support in finding answers to their questions. If you have any questions specific to your Eppicard or application, please contact the Eppicard directly. Please DO NOT email any confidential information to us as we are unable to help.

If you have questions specific to our website, contact us at .


  • Angela DeWitt

    I thought I was suppose to be getting paid faster with this card than waiting on my check but is not what’s the problem??

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  • Why does it require your ssn# and birth date when try to create account?? I shouldn’t have to put my ss# on that required fold.

  • Jennifer Mandap

    I’ve been calling your customer service number and I’m on hold for hours . It’s very frustrating . Is there another number to get in touch with? I can’t log on thru the website because it says fraud-suspended/cannot log in! I’m confused with this issue and I need answers. Pls help on what to do

  • LaTonya McPhee

    I have a dispute charge. I need to speak to an actual person about it. There’s never enough on my card because of unauthorized charges and fees for calling for this and checking balances. Also none of the website pages are solid when it comes to finding out more about our account. I can’t even login…it’s been eight years!

  • Can I use my child support card at the atm even if the expiration date is past?

  • Amanda ard

    I got my card it want let me activateor do nothing what can I do

  • Dawnita Wilkerson

    I’m need a replacement card & im having trouble getting one.

  • Berdy

    I’m just trying to inquire about getting a new card I’ve been trying to called I have been on hold for 2 hours no one ever answers can someone please reply on contact me please

  • Doug Berry

    It’s almost impossible to get a human voice at Eppicard. Makes me wonder where all the fees go. I’ve needed to speak to someone regarding my account.
    Would appreciate a response !!!

  • Alexis

    If I never recieved a card how do I get one?

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