• Flora Richardson

    I would like to know why DHS is not issuing all the money that is taken from the absent father. I’ve seen his checkstubs, and the money is being taken. The little you get, they split it up. He is over $5,000 in rears, and still is allowed to roam free and do as he please. I’m suppose to receive $185.00 per month around the 1st of every month, but not so. I receive $30 one week, then $60 the middle of the month, and then $91.00 in about another week. Last month, I only received $151.00. Where is the other $34.00. I have talked to several employees who have worked at DHS in the past, and they told me what has been going on. I want to know why are they robbing the people who they are suppose to be helping. Stop tell people that no funds were submitted for the month when they have. This needs to be investigated. My son is 30 yrs. old, and has only received $90 in his whole life from his father when they clearly have taken way more than that. This is wrong and need to be corrected asap. “MISSISSIPPI SUCKS” “STOP RIPPING OF THE KIDS”.

  • Johnnie Clark

    Just checking to see if the website down because I can’t check my balance on my card

  • Jacqueline Simmons

    I ordered a new card January 17 ,2019 and today is February 3,2020 I have not received my card . I have called several times and they are telling me that it should arrive this day or that day and yet it still did not come today. I have called twice today the first time I was on hold 40 minutes and the second time I was on hold 30 minutes and I’m am getting very frustrated.

  • Stacy raymond

    What if you draw employment and they send you the eppicard and then you get some child support will the child support money be on the same card as the employment money comes on

  • I can’t login my eppicard ms to check my childsupport balance for Mississippi.what do i need to do to check my balance online to keep from calling them.please help me what do i need to do so i can login my childsupport account to check my childsupport

  • Troydrick Carter

    I have not received my unemployment card

  • I need help
    I have already set up my log in and have been using it since February. This week I have been trying to log in and it looks different and will not log me in
    It ask for my username and I put it in and nothing happens. Has anything changed?
    Help me get logged in
    Thank you

  • Krissy Christian

    Website isn’t working for some states to check deposit or balance. Each call after 5 to check there is a charge and also a charge to check at ATM. Need website back up to avoid charges.

  • wanda smith

    your web site is not working to log in and check balance on the

    eppicard ms

  • I’m unable to login into my account for five days now. I have my username and password, but I haven’t been able to login. I needs to keep check on my transactions. I have called customer services, but, I am not able to talk to a live person. What am I to do?

  • What’s wrong with the login site. It’s off and I can’t sign in

  • I’m not able to login on the website for balance inquiries.

  • Tonia A Worthy

    Need to talk to someone about my child support I never received

  • Stephanie Collins

    I can not use my card at all. Called both numbers and no representatives are picking up. It’s saying my card is suspended due to fraud. What’s really going on?

  • Why is my card decline from being used.

  • I still can’t login to my account have you fixed it yet.

  • Pam Cole

    I have forgot my user ID and password so I can’t log in to see transactions. I can’t get anyone to answer the 8664614095 number. Please help!!!

  • Autumn Zonie Mcclelland

    I’ve been tryin to talk to someone in customer service for the last 4 days and NOBODY will answer my call . When I call you To check my balance you say you have an important message but you will not answer my call . This is very important I can’t access my funds and I have bills to pay


    EPPICard is theft!! My deposits were successfully being deposited into my local trusted bank account for months without an issue! Suddenly in August, my account was rejected and I was issued an epic card. I have tried numerous times to get my bank account resubmitted to no avail. I have been charged Fees totalling 40 bucks, spent HUNDREDS OF HOURS ON HOLD, ONLY TO BE HUNG UP on! I I tempted to transfer a portion of my money to a person I was going to purchase a vehicle from. EPPICard decided to hold the funds because they wanted to make sure that transaction wasn’t fraudulent. I called went through the verification process I tempted you just cancel the transaction and was told they would not be able to do so until after 10-day period. I did that then they told me I had to submit things in writing I did that then they issued a provisional credit to my account on the second of November. According to the rules and regulations shaded on epi’s page, they will issue the provisional credit within 10 days of hearing from me and that provisional credit will remain on my account until the investigation is over. Unfortunately I seem to be the only person aware of the terms. Also they have 45 days to investigate a transaction, unless it is an international transaction or a point of sale transaction. . Mine was neither. Yet the ill-informed reps attempted to misinform me. also after they did post the provisional credit on the second it was to remain there until the investigation was complete and closed. Instead some wonderful person decided to take the funds back out of my account two weeks afterwards, which leg to the complete destruction of any hope I had of providing for my family!! Even though I have every single step that they have made up along the way, and they have admitted numerous times recording that they have some type of internal error in my point should be there should have been stolen they have not posted the money in my account! They continue to say that they are going to escalate my problem!! I have lost my home and the car I just put a down payment on because they do not know what the word escalate means or how to follow their own terms and regulations. if you are not forced on doing every card I guarantee you will not find a single person who’s out there just a choosing or to allow the state to hold their money without cause justification or the written notice that they’re legally bound to provide me with. I have requested on numerous occasions that I receive a letterhead telling me where my money money is!! And if I threaten to record the conversation as well they inform me that they will disconnect.

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