FL Way2Go Card FAQs for Unemployment

Way2Go Card Florida FAQs

If you’re looking for help with the Way2Go Card Florida, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post we’re going to answer the most frequently asked questions related to the FL Way2Go Card for reemployment assistance.

FL Way2Go Card FAQs

FL Way2Go Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For help with your Florida Reemployment Assistance Way2Go Debit Card, please read the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What is the Florida Reemployment Assistance Program?

The Florida Reemployment Assistance Program provides Florida residents that are out of work due to no fault of their own with unemployment insurance (UI) benefits and work training.

If you are currently unemployed, you may qualify to receive monetary assistance through the Florida reemployment assistance program.

What is Way2Go Card Florida?

The Way2Go Card Florida is the secure and convenient electronic payment system for receiving Florida Reemployment Assistance payments. The Florida Way2Go Card by Debit MasterCard® can be used to access your Florida reemployment assistance payments worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

How do I get a Way2Go Card Florida?

If you’ve applied for Florida reemployment assistance benefits, a Way2Go Card Florida will automatically be mailed to you once you are approved for unemployment benefits.

If you have not applied for the Florida Reemployment Assistance Program, you need to do so online through the Florida CONNECT website at mobile.connect.myflorida.com.

For more information or help on how to apply for Florida Reemployment Assistance, please call 1-833-FL-APPLY (1-833-352-7759).

How long does it take to get Way2Go Card Florida?

Debit cards are mailed after the first payment is processed and may take 7-10 business days to receive by mail. Please note, due to the high volume of requests, this process may take longer than usual.

How do I track my FL Way2Go Card?

Unfortunately, you are not able to track your Florida Way2Go Card in the mail. All FL Way2Go Debit Cards are mailed directly from the card provider via USPS.

If you have not received your Way2Go Debit Card Florida in the mail after 10-business days from the date of your first reemployment assistance payment, please contact Way2Go Card Customer Service.

What is the Way2Go Card Florida Customer Service Number?

You can speak with a live person about your Florida Unemployment benefits by calling the Way2Go Card Florida Customer Service number at 1-833-888-2780.

If you are trying to reach customer service from outside of the United States, including Puerto Rico, please call the International Customer Service phone number at 1-210-334-6615.

How do I check the balance on Way2Go Card Florida?

There are three ways to check the balance of your Florida unemployment benefits on the FL Way2Go Card – by phone, online, and in-person. You can check your Way2Go Card Florida balance in person at any MasterCard ATM location, by calling customer service at 1-833-888-2780, or by logging into your FL Way2Go Card online account.

For step-by-step instructions on how to check your Way2Go Florida balance, check out our complete FL Way2Go Card balance article here.

Does the Way2Go Card have a routing number?

The Way2Go Card does not have a routing number that you can access. However, you can use your Way2Go Card account to transfer money directly to another bank account.

What ATMs can I use my Way2Go Card?

Your Way2Go Card can be used at any eligible MasterCard ATM worldwide to make a withdrawal, deposit, check your card balance, and view your transaction history.

What ATM is free for Way2Go Cardholders?

Way2Go Cardholders can access select ATM locations free-of-charge including Comerica Bank and MoneyPass ATM locations.

To find a Comerica Bank ATM location near you, click here.
To find a MoneyPass ATM location near you, click here.

What is the Florida Way2Go Card withdrawal limit?

The Way2Go Card Florida has a maximum ATM cash withdrawal limit of $500 per calendar day. This means you cannot take out more than $500 from your FL Way2Go Card account on any given day.

What is the Way2Go Card daily spending limit?

There is no daily spending limit on the Way2Go Card. You can spend up to the total balance that remains in your Way2Go Card account. However, there is a daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of $500 per day.

Can you transfer money from Way2Go Card to a bank account?

Yes, Way2Go Cardholders can transfer money from their FL Way2Go Card to a personal bank account. To do so, please contact Way2Go Card Florida Customer Service at 1-833-888-2780.

How do I complete the Way2Go Florida login?

To login your Way2Go Card Florida online account and access your reemployment assistance benefits, visit the Go Program website at www.goprogram.com. You can then enter your FL Way2Go Card User ID and Password to login and gain access to your Florida unemployment payments.

For step-by-step instructions on how to login to your Way2Go Florida online account, read out complete Way2Go Florida Login Instructions here.

What is the maximum amount of FL Way2Go benefits I can receive?

The Florida Reemployment Assistance Program’s maximum benefits amount changes based on the state’s unemployment rate.

For 2021, Florida residents can receive unemployment benefits on their Way2Go Card for a maximum of 19 weeks with a maximum benefit amount of $5,225.

Way2Go Card Florida Help

Don’t see the answer to your question about the FL Way2Go Card? No problem, we’re here to help. Please let us know your question in the comments section below – we’re happy to help answer that for you.

Still have a Florida Unemployment EPPICard? You can get more help with your FL EPPICard for unemployment benefits here.


  • S.D.

    I can’t change my address on the website or by phone to get a new card as mine was damaged. Who do I contact or what do I do? I need the money off the card to pay rent and can’t transfer it anywhere either.

  • Nikki Wilson

    Please I hope someone can help me, in having no luck talking to a live person. My account shows on the Florida unemployment website that I had a deposit of $600 to my way2go card on july 24, 2021. Yet I never received it and that is confirmed on my statement for July for way2go card. The only thing I can think happened is that it was deposited to someone else’s way2go card. But I can’t really get anywhere since I can’t talk to a live human. Please please any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Ram Josyula

    Now Florida Way2 go card does not allow funds transfer to personal bank accounts. Will it be fixed soon?
    Also some online vendors are declining this debit card.
    The help desk is rude, uninformed and very unhelpful.
    Is there a way to transfer my funds since IVR/Online methods are blocked?

  • Sasha

    I’m one of the 58,000 floridians whose unemployment pin was changed. On file a cyber criminal issues a way2go card (I cant grab the number on account because they changed my information) and I’m trying to get the card sent to the right location with the help of a rep but the machine hangs up if I cant provide the card number or PIN but I simply dont have it due to it being taken from me. PLEASE HELP.

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