4 comments on “Illinois Child Support Card Customer Service
  1. My account has been locked over 1 months I keep calling no results

  2. Latosha Washington says:

    I lose my card how do I get a new one

  3. Kristina Willis says:

    My childsupport card from illinois is expired, they didnt send me a new one, my adress has changed, but it will not let me put in my new adress to receive a new card. I tried calling the 800 phone number, no help at all, cant even get someone to talk to on there

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Our main goal at Eppicard Now is to help you find information you need to be able to use your child support and unemployment debit card. This includes how to reach Eppicard Customer Service, account login, free ATM information, updated list of fees and charges that come with your card, and how to use the card for purchases, including online, cashback and many more. If you have any questions about your Eppicard that is confidential, call the number on the back of your card.