Eppicard Phishing Notification Alerts

Eppicards phishing is on the rise and card holders have become a prime target of fraud and scams from phishing activity over the last few years and the level of attacks are growing in number, causing many states to issue eppicard phishing notification alerts to their child support and unemployment benefits cardholders warning them of illegal activities from people trying to steal their account information and deplete the funds from their eppicards.

How does Eppicard Phishing Work?

Here is how the phishing activity works. Thieves who have the intention of stealing the money from your account will send you an email that appears to come from your State’s eppicard program. The email will claim your account is locked, blocked or suspended and in order for it to be unlocked, unblocked or removed from suspension, you need to click on an attached link in the email to verify your personal information. The link will take you to a website that looks like the official eppicard website but it is not. They are taking you to a fake website. Once you enter your personal information on that fake website to unlock your account, they will copy all your information and use it to log into your real eppicard account and then take control of it. They will then go ahead and spend all the money in your account. Before you know it, all your child support or unemployment benefits money is gone. The main eppicard login page now has this notice for most state websites:

"eppicard phishing alert"

Here is what to do about it

When you receive any email asking you to go to a website and verify your eppicard information, chances are it is fake. Eppicard will not send you an email asking for your personal information. If you are not sure where the email is coming from, call your eppicard customer service phone number and speak to a live person about the email and find out if it came from them. Whatever you do, do not provide your personal eppicard information unless you have spoken to a customer service representative and have been told the email came from them.

Learn More About Phishing

Here is a great video above about what you need to know about phishing emails and you should watch the entire video to make sure you see how serious this is and protect yourself from them before you become a victim of these fraudsters and scammers. If you become a victim, report the issue to the Federal Trade Commission for action.


  • Bob Gronauer

    I recived through mail a card for George Tanksley I do not know this person and this person never lived at this address

  • Donna

    I’ve received two letters in the mail claiming my card and PIN may possibly have been compromised and that my card will proactively be shut down and a new card will be issued. Until I receive the new card can I continue to use the one that I have. I would like to have more information about the compromise and the phone number I have is automated. I would like to speak to someone when there are issues with my card. Can you provide a phone number for me?

    Thank you

  • Kay

    I have been trying to contact eppicard for weeks by calling the number on the back of my card., and after I stay on hold for HOURS AT A TIME (LITERALLY,) when someone finally does answer, they either speak so low I cant even hear them and then hang up (and i can tell they R whispering on purpose) or they simply hang up n my face without saying anything. It happens EVERYTIME I CALL. doesnt matter what time of day or night it is. My money is so messed up right now that i cant even access it and NOONE THERE WILL HELP ME

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