• Darlyne jones

    I’m trying to activate my new card and it’s saying I can’t verify please help

  • Jennifer

    Is there any other number to call customer service on the eppicard? I have been trying to contact them since last Sunday but I’ve been on hold for hours then I get disconnected . It’s very frustrating because I can’t log on through the website because it says fraud-suspended/cant log in. What does that mean? Will there be any money left on my card? PLEASE HELP

  • April Hairston

    I’m trying to activate my card and it says it can’t verify my account information

  • Carmen

    I am trying to activate my card and it won’t let me

  • I have tried calling 12 times and have been on hold for 23 hours (have screenshots) since April and can not get through. I have called at 1 am, 12 am, 6 am, weekends and during peak hours and cant get through. I do not have access to my daughters child support since end of March and Im having extreme hardship due to that, She will not be passed grade unless I can pay her school tuition. California State is aware of the issue but can not help unless Eppicard answers their phones…..AND I am getting charged every time i call that I am left on hold for up to 3 hours at a time when I am not receiving any assistance. There is no email or alternate number to call for help besides one number they dont answer. My daughters education will be paying the price for this extreme negligence. So now I have to continue calling as I am currently now on hold for 2.5 hours. My card has not been able to be used since March and no one can tell me why. I was reissued a new card and it never got here.
    This is unbelievable.

  • Janese Henson

    I am trying activate my new card and you don’t have a prompt on here to activate I am being charged every time I try!! Help me

  • Brandie Shannon


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